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Efficient and reliably sealed

When operating in crane and port facilities, a braking system must primarily be reliably protected and, secondly, must operate very powerfully. The INTORQ BFK 471 product series combines these two features perfectly. These specially sealed brakes have a newly designed hand-release mechanism which, like the brakes themselves, is IP66 compliant. This series also features high braking torque and requires only a compact installation space.  

This is what distinguishes the INTORQ BFK470:

  • Variably equipped with one rotor or with a double rotor
  • Braking torques:
    1,500 Nm in the double rotor version
    750 Nm with one rotor
  • Protection class: IP66 (with hand release)
  • High corrosion protection
  • Non-contact sensor for monitoring the air gap
  • Compatible with existing brake solutions

You can consume 75% less power by using a bridge/half-wave rectifier for the control.

Optionale Ausrüstungen:

  • Berührungsloser Näherungssensor zur Überwachung der Schaltfunktion
  • Berührungsloser Näherungssensor für die Verschleißkontrolle
  • Arretierbare Handlüftung montiert und als Nachrüstsatz

Fields of application:

Brake motors, crane and port facilities

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