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Powerful and responsive

High-performance drives are introducing completely new requirements for brake technology. On the one hand, the motor speeds and drive torques are constantly increasing. On the other hand, the installation space for the brake is shrinking. So, brakes are preferred which are both very efficient and require little space. The INTORQ BFK468 multi-pole spring-applied brakes meet precisely these requirements. Taking advantage of modern multi-coil technology, it reliably ventilates through its large air gap even when operating under strong forces. This level of performance is second to none!

This is what distinguishes the INTORQ BFK468:  

  • Spring-applied brake with multi-coil system
  • Braking torque range from 100 to 2,400 Nm (up to double that of the BFK458)
  • Temperature class F (155°C)
  • With fixed/preset or adjustable braking torque
  • High magnetic flux forces using special control mechanism
  • Fast operating times thanks to low brake inductance
  • Long maintenance intervals thanks to the large working air gap
  • Micro-switch monitoring of release or wear

Optional equipment:

  • Hand-release
  • Low-noise versions
  • Various types of corrosion protection and enclosures
  • Monitoring of air gap and wear

Fields of application:

Brake motors, cranes, port facilities, stage machinery, storage technology

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