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Versatile customization and quick deliveries

Our versatile modular system ensures that the INTORQ BFK458 is a true all-around talent. It includes both standard solutions that can be used universally and specific solutions for special industry requirements. The highlight is the coordinated components that can be freely configured with each other. With this unique system developed by INTORQ, brakes can be assembled to fit almost any task. You benefit from the wide variety of options, fast project planning and rapid delivery.

This is what distinguishes the INTORQ BFK458:

  • Braking torque range from 1.5Nm to 600Nm
  • 9 sizes with two models each 
  • Voltages [Vdc]: 24, 103, 180, 205 
  • Insulation class F (155°C)
  • Protection class up to IP55
  • CCV (Cold Climate Version) for temperatures up to -40°C
  • Air gap is preset
  • Designed for 100% duty cycle
  • Braking torque can be reduced (with the E model)
  • Long, low-wear rotor/hub connection
  • Hub diameter can be adapted to your specifications
  • Safety certificate from the German technical inspection association (TÜV)

Optional equipment:

  • Application-specific friction linings
  • Noise reduced version
  • Hand-release
  • Flange
  • Friction plate
  • Threaded holes on the rear face (standard from size 14 upwards)
  • Sealing plug
  • Shaft sealing ring
  • Monitoring of air gap and wear (from size 12 upwards)
  • Monitoring of the hand release lever

LongLife-design BFK458L:

  • Available in sizes 06 to 12
  • Guaranteed lifetime 
    10x106 repetitive cycles 
    15x106 reversing cycles
  • Aluminum rotor in noise reduced design and wear resistant friction lining

Fields of application:

Brake motors, cranes, warehouse equipment, woodworking machinery, industrial trucks, stage machinery, vehicles for disabled persons and escalators

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