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Twice as safe, twice as smooth

The versatile INTORQ BFK458 modular system also includes dual brakes. These consist of two equal sub-brakes. That means they reliably meet all legal requirements for redundancy – such as for passenger elevators or aerials.

With this spring-applied brake, safety is taken twice as seriously: If the first fail safe brake doesn't engage, the second brake takes over. Another advantage of the dual brake: The two sub-brakes engage offset despite the simultaneous control. This means the braking is smooth and fluid. The dual design of the INTORQ BFK458 is also ideally suited to smaller installation spaces: The two successively switched brakes provide a high braking torque yet have a small diameter. 

Unique characteristics of the INTORQ BFK458 dual spring-applied brake:

  • Braking torques from 2 x 2Nm to 2 x 600Nm
  • 9 sizes (BG)
  • Modular design
  • Easy installation with intermediate flange
  • Protection class up to IP 55
  • Insulation class F (155°C)
  • Insulation material system certified according to UL1446 (E318895)
  • Low-noise versions 

Optional equipment:

  • Hand release with one-hand operation
  • Flange 
  • Friction plate
  • Release or wear monitoring
  • The second brake can be delivered adjustable (E-version) or non-adjustable (N-version) – the N-version has drill holes to attach an additional device 
  • Rotor in low-noise version

Fields of application

Theatre technology, Elevators and Lifts, Hoists

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