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Long-lasting power

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are used wherever moving masses have to be driven or decelerated as quickly as possible. Our wide range of products covers a wide variety of requirements. All clutches and brakes can be used in any installation position and require hardly any maintenance. All variants are powerful and operate with all-round safety and reliability. They feature short operating times, low inertia torques and ventilation that is free of residual torque. 


  • Clutch and braking torque range from 7.5Nm to 480Nm
  • 7 sizes
  • DC voltage: 24V
  • Insulation class B (130°C)
  • Friction-locking transmission of the torque or braking torque in dry running
  • Torque transmission without torsional/angular backlash
  • High switching frequencies
  • Versatile usage: with different constructions of the stator and armature

14.105 Electromagnetic clutch; shaft mounted version



14.115 Electromagnetic brake



Fields of application:

Packaging machines, machine and apparatus construction, door drives, folding and printing machines

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