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Robust braking force for any wind and weather conditions

INTORQ brakes have long been successfully used for the pitch and azimuth drives in wind turbines. The INTORQ BFK470 and BFK458 brakes, which are frequently used in the industry, are sealed with IP66 protection. Our friction linings, which have also been developed specifically for the wind energy industry, guarantee a tight braking torque tolerance. Our brakes move within the ideal tolerance range of minus 0 to plus 40 percent. Thus, all gear components are protected on the brake side, even under extreme wind forces.

Additional advantages with our brakes:

  • Long maintenance intervals
  • High degree of protection – even when used with manual release
  • Can be used down to -40°C (CCV: Cold Climate Version)
  • Stable braking torque with specific mode of emergency behavior after a failure
  • We’ll accompany you with our practical experience and advice during the development of new drives.

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