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A strong alternative to conventional brake technology

The servo motors and motors used in robotics are becoming smaller and more powerful. Thus, brakes have to apply higher torques for these smaller sizes.

The permanent magnet brake has been, until now, regarded as the optimal solution. We can now offer you spring-applied brakes that achieve the same braking torque level within the same installation space. However, the costs for spring-applied brakes are significantly lower than permanent magnet brakes at the same performance level! Our brakes also ensure a stable braking torque – even at high temperatures and speeds.

Additional advantages with our brakes:

  • We offer models that significantly reduce your installation complexity. So you’ll require less personnel and less time.
  • Thanks to our unique modular principle, you get flexible variants with short delivery times – around the world.
  • No worries: the minimum torsional backlash of the spring-applied brakes is reliably within the tolerance range for most processes.

That’s reason enough to think about spring-applied brakes as an alternative. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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