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Humane, ecological, regional

We know that, as a company, we bear great responsibility: for our employees, for the environment and for the region in which we live and work. So, in addition to our business activities, we pursue three objectives:

We want our employees to always enjoy working for us. That is why we offer fair salaries and an attractive working environment, support health activities, provide subsidies for childcare and pensions, and provide additional optional insurance for our employees.

We want our region to flourish and be well positioned for the future. Accordingly, we are committed to our location. In technical terms, we do this by being an active member of the regional OWL Mechanical Engineering network. We also support regional sports by sponsoring a double-quad rowing team. The rowing club is striving to introduce schoolchildren to new sporting activities. That is very worthy of our support!

As a manufacturing industry, we want to minimize our CO2 footprint. We consciously use the resources we need. We heat our headquarters with waste heat from a biogas plant and obtain a large part of the electricity required for production from our own solar plant.

It goes without saying that we treat our team, customers and partners fairly. Tolerance is just as important as a culture of open communications. We also consistently reject all types of discrimination, child labor, corruption, bribery and price fixing. All this is laid down in a code of conduct that applies to all INTORQ employees, both nationally and internationally.